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Tropics Round Banana Leaves 16oz.

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Tropics Round Banana Leaves 16oz is a product that contains frozen banana leaves that are 10 inches in diameter. Banana leaves are widely used in Asian and tropical cuisines, as they can be used to wrap, steam, grill, or bake various foods. They add a subtle flavor and aroma to the dishes, as well as prevent them from sticking or drying out. Tropics Round Banana Leaves 16oz are easy to use, as they are already cut and cleaned. You just need to thaw them and use them as needed. You can find many recipes that use banana leaves, such as Filipino suman, Indonesian lemper, Thai sticky rice, and more. Order from Kalye Filipino where you can order online and get them delivered to your door. Try Tropics Round Banana Leaves 16oz today and experience the tropical taste of banana leaves. 😊

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