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Halibut Steak, 2 lb


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Our Halibut Steak, known as Dapa in Filipino cuisine, weighs a generous 2 lbs. This premium white flatfish is wild-caught from the pristine waters of Mexico, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. With its firm, meaty texture and mild, subtly sweet flavor, our Halibut Steak is perfect for cooking, including pan-frying, grilling, or adding to hearty soups.

Best served with bold seasonings, it pairs exceptionally well with dishes like Sinigang na Halibut, Escabecheng Halibut, or a simple Soy-Ginger Pan Seared Halibut. Elevate your meals by mixing and matching with vibrant vegetables, citrusy marinades, or a touch of spice. Perfect for those seeking a leaner fish option, our Halibut Steak is a culinary delight that needs to be ordered today for an unforgettable dining experience.


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