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C2 Green Tea (Apple or Lemon) 1L

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🎉 C2 Green Tea (Apple or Lemon) 🎉

Refresh yourself with our C2 Green Tea! This drink is made from 100% natural tea leaves, brewed and bottled on the same day. It has antioxidant-rich “catechins” that are good for your health. Choose from two delicious flavors: apple or lemon.

🍏 Apple: Enjoy the sweet and tangy taste of apple, blended with the fresh and rich flavor of green tea. It’s a perfect balance of fruity and refreshing. 🍋 Lemon: Savor the zesty and sour taste of lemon, mixed with the smooth and soothing flavor of green tea. It’s a delightful combination of citrus and calming.

📦 Pack Size: Each pack contains 1L of green tea goodness, ready to quench your thirst anytime, anywhere.

Why choose C2 Green Tea?

  • Quality: Made from the finest quality ingredients, our green tea is preservative-free, ensuring a fresh and genuine experience.
  • Variety: Two flavors in one pack—perfect for those who love to explore taste combinations.
  • Health: Rich in antioxidants, our green tea helps boost your immunity and wellness.

Don’t miss out on this refreshing and healthy drink sensation. Order your C2 Green Tea (Apple or Lemon) today and savor the magic! 🌟. 🛒👉🏼

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