Who is BWOO

Who is BWOO

Business Wiz Online Operations is a systems based company that is focused on systems to increase efficiency and achieve consistency. We exist for our clients benefit and are flexible with every different clients we work on.

BWOO play to strengths and compensate for weakness by implementing the team approach, the person best suited for each task is the person completing that task. It is not a single dedicated Virtual Assistant with the limited strengths of one person along with the weaknesses of one person. We are a team with strengths of several which overcome the weaknesses of each other. We have the capacity to complete much more complex tasks.

Our client will have the same benefit of having a dedicated Virtual Assistant by dealing directly and exclusively with the team manager who is accountable for all production. We want to help business owners grow their business and focus on their priorities and achieve work-life balance.

We are motivated to redefine the Virtual Assistant Service Industry by providing the Team of VA’s to our clients while providing competitive rates and packaged solutions that will fit their business needs at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be a luxury only experienced by a few.

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