VA Team VS Dedicated VA

VA Team VS Dedicated VA

A Virtual Assistant is someone who provides a variety of administrative assistance to clients from a remote location. There are also companies with a Team of Virtual Assistants working in a central office facility.

Some companies hire virtual assistants who work from home. Others use a company with a team of virtual assistants.

Here is a comparison with Virtual Assistant Team between Dedicated Virtual Assistant:

Comparison VA Team Dedicated VA
Completing Tasks A Team have multiple skills and specializations. They can cover a wide range of tasks, assigning each one to a VA with the right strengths. A better foundation for the ongoing relationship between you and your virtual assistant. Though you may need to hire another VA if a task require a very specific skill.
Availability Teams can work round the clock with shifting work schedules and will be able to get multiple jobs completed and even get tasks done overnight. You can agree on schedule in advance with your dedicated VA and you will always know when your VA is available. Except for emergencies or sickness and when the VA is on vacation.


While putting all aspects in mind, there’s really no absolute response as to whether a Team of VA is better than delegating your tasks to a dedicated VA. Your decision will still be based on what your business needs and which comparison suits you the most.

It could be a demand of quality as opposed to volume in terms of the work you plan with your business. For example, if your business is growing fast and you have a various kind of tasks, the team of VA might be the best choice because you will have access to VAs with a range of skill-sets.

Then if you want a VA who will grow into your business and you have specific tasks that you really want to prioritize, a dedicated Virtual assistant might be a better route to take.

BWOO offer both and we match our clients with a dedicated virtual assistant, and we have the finest Team of Virtual Assistants. Our system allows us to find Virtual Assistants with skills coordinated to clients’ specifications. This is how we do things, because we are dedicated on generating long-term client relationships.

Contact us and let us identify your needs.

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