TIME “Technology Internet  Management E-Mail”

TIME “Technology Internet Management E-Mail”

some of the areas in a business which can involve significant amounts of time without generating revenue can be described in the acronym TIME.

T – Technology 
I – Internet 
M – Management
E – E-Mail


With a team of assistants in place these tasks can be completed by your assistants allowing you to maximize the time spent on revenue generating activity.

Technology can involve significant time in a business.  An assistant can complete almost all of the technology items required of a business.  Here are just a few examples of the technology items an assistant can complete:

Implement new tools and software Manage phone systems
Interact with tech support Search engine optimization
Build and maintain web sites Video editing
Set up email accounts Set up a new computer


An assistant can minimize the time you are required to spend on the internet.  Here are a few examples.

Manage social media accounts Comparison shopping
Manage online marketing Make travel arrangements
Complete Internet Research Monitor placements


Managing the many aspects of a business involves time.  Many of these items can be completed by an assistant when systems are implemented in a business.  With systems in place an assistant can monitor the many aspects of a business and report the information to you.  This may involve daily recurring tasks of auditing projects, work activity, call records or any number of things.  This can save you considerable time by having the key information presented to you in a report.

In some businesses many emails can be handled by an assistant with the assistant drawing your attention to only those emails which require your attention. An assistant can help minimize the number of internal emails by implementing other more efficient tools in your business.

BWOO can help you save time by completing the items which are requiring your time in your business. Your BWOO team of skilled assistants on a mission to drive your success through exceptional service and performance will save you time. Your BWOO partnership can be a catalyst to growth in your business.

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