Paying a professional fee for an Amateur results

Paying a professional fee for an Amateur results

When a business owner or professional engages in activities required by their business which they are not skilled to complete they often end up paying a professional fee for an amateur result.

The time of the professional or business owner is often time which generates revenue.  When that time is spent in other activities there is an opportunity cost.  When a professional is not engaged in the activity of their profession and instead is engaged in other activities they paid a professional fee in unrealized revenue to their business for the result they achieved completing the other task.  When they are not skilled at the other task they often achieve an amateur result.

Many things are required to run a business which may have nothing in common with the skills and training of the business owner or professional.

A team of skilled assistants can allow professionals to quit paying a professional fee for an amateur result. When your business needs a web site simply describe what you need to an assistant who is skilled in that area and your web site gets created.  When your business needs to make a purchase don’t spend hours researching every detail.  Have an assistant spend hours doing the research and preparing a report with the information you need.  If you need to implement a new software program don’t spend hours learning every detail.  Have an assistant become an expert on that software and then provide training to you and others in your business.

BWOO makes it easy to avoid paying a professional fee for an amateur result by providing a team of skilled assistants who are on a mission to drive client success through exceptional service and performance.

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