How BWOO Started

How BWOO Started

I once read the statement that a practitioner is “paying a professional fee for an amateur result” whenever they are engaged in activities required by their business for which they were not properly trained or skilled to complete.

Having spent more hours then I ever want to recall in things like learning programs like “Front Page” (For those much younger than I am, this was Microsoft’s early website design program.) This is just one example of the many things which can steal many hours from a practitioner because certain things are required to run a business which have little to do with the skills and training of the practitioner.

I eventually learned Front Page and even learned a little bit of HTML coding and built and published my own web sites for my business. None of them were award winning web sites and all were pretty much just acceptable, some were marginal. I got an amateur result because I am not a web designer or programmer. However, I did pay a professional fee because every hour I spent on web design, figuring out software programs, or any number of other things which I am not trained to do, I was not earning the money doing the thing which I was professionally trained to be doing.

Many years later after I had learned that lesson and had a team around me of highly skilled assistants I was able to quit paying a professional fee for an amateur result.

Now when my business needs a web site I simply describe what we need to an assistant who is more highly skilled in that area then I will ever be and the web site gets created. When our business needs to implement a new software program I don’t spend endless hours researching every detail. I have an assistant spend endless hours doing the research and preparing a report with those results from which I can make a decision. Once we implement a new software I don’t spend endless hours learning every detail.  I have an assistant become an expert on that software and they create job aids for everybody in my company to follow in the execution of the software.

BWOO brings this same ability to every practitioner by providing a team of highly qualified assistants who are on a mission to drive client success through exceptional service and performance. Now every practitioner can quit paying a professional fee for an amateur result and can maximize the professional fees they earn by focusing on what they are trained to do.

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