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Yes, of course.  We have a track-record of completing very complex tasks and have the capacity to complete much more. BWOO is about achieving the desired result, not going through the motions. Client satisfaction is our top priority and we guarantee your satisfaction.  If a client is ever unsatisfied we simply ask that they give us the opportunity to rectify any problems and if they are still not satisfied not only will we refund any remaining unused hours but we will refund any hours spent on a the project which produced an unsatisfactory result.  We are about achieving the desired result for each client and we take that so serious that we guarantee that result.

Your hours NEVER expire. These are your hours to use anytime you need to use them. If you are not using your hours then we will follow up with you and discuss with you ways we can be of greater assistance to you. Our mission is to drive client success through exceptional service and performance. We work with each client to discover how we can best be of service to them.  It is our expectation that not only will you use all of your hours but will increase the hours moving forward when you experience the value we add to your business.  However, if that is not the case, your hours will always carry forward and will never expire.

When your hours run out before the end of the month you can either upgrade to a larger hour package or utilize additional hours at the “Pay as you go” rate.  Upgrading to a larger hour plan is the better value because all of the hours you have used in the money are billed at a lower rate, including the hours you have already used on the smaller hour plan.  If you decide the larger plan is right for you moving forward you can remain on that plan, if you would like to go back to a smaller hour plan you can do that. You determine what is the right fit for your business, we make it happen.

Of course, they are your hours to allocate however you would like.  We are at your service.  We work with each client to identify priorities and execute on the priorities of each client.

Yes, you can switch between plans anytime.  We are here to support you in the success and growth of your business.  You know what you need for your business and we offer you the flexibility to make whatever adjustments you need to make. We exist to make this easier in your business, not to create obstacles with contracts and inflexible policies. 

We work with each client whatever way they are best suited to work with us. We introduce our clients to our project management software (Asana) and they can create projects and submit tasks through our project manager software if this is a good fit for them.  Some clients already have a preferred project management software and if that is the case then we work with their project management software.  Some clients prefer to call or email a task and that works for us as well.

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Who we are

BWOO is Business Wiz Online Operations.

Why we are

We achieve the desired result for each client.

What we are

We are your go to assistant for all things. 

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Helping clients to work on their business more.

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