Advantages of Working with a Team or VA

Advantages of Working with a Team or VA

Having a team or single virtual assistant is the new way of doing business it will give you the best thing you could ever ask for which is TIME.

One of the advantages of having a Virtual Assistant is that you can off-load all the time consuming tasks so that you can actually move forward instead of wasting all your energy and working on it yourself. You can put this new time to good use and start enjoying your business, have time to market your business, attend networking events and take a prospective client out to lunch. Start doing the things you enjoy and have forgotten about. You can begin to spend the evenings with family and friends, instead of locked away in front of your computer.

Virtual assistants can be a generalists like general admin including email and appointment management, travel arrangements or they can be specialists such as social media management, copywriting, book-keeping, or specializing in particular software. These are just one of the few examples of ways that they can help you with, it is either by doing the tasks that you aren’t good at or those tasks that takes you a week to do, like setting up email marketing from scratch, or developing a basic website, can take a VA with the right skills much less time. Another way is by doing the tasks that you don’t like doing, especially if you find them mundane, like data entry for example, so that you can focus your efforts on not just the things you like doing, but also on the tasks that bring you in clients.

BWOO have big teams that handle numerous projects, we ensure to cover all pending work as fast as possible. We have team of people on the job around the clock. You will be surprised how much your business will grow with an extra pair of hands to help.

Another huge advantages of hiring BWOO is that you pay an hourly rate and only for the hours we’re working. Whether it be 4 hours or 40 hours per week, this can be flexible and change every week depending on your workload. You hire us for the duration you actually need us for. There are no contracts and you have no responsibility that you would have compared to a regular employee. Even better is that we costs less because you do not need to pay for any employee benefits or office rental as all work is done in our space.

Without a doubt there are disadvantages when you hire a virtual assistant. But we could help you be well prepared with the appointment pattern, process of daily work, target mentoring by giving you a dedicated account manager with a strong system of virtual team.

By doing this you will have more time to put into the business and therefore increasing your revenue.  What do you have to lose?

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